March 7, 2011

Must Love Dogs

I have literally found my favorite dog and owner couple. Everyone say hello to Bethenny Frankel and her precious baby Cookie. Actually, not only am I obsessed with the two but they act just like how me and my dog Tokyo would act. Bethenny treats Cookie like she is the queen of the world and although I may not give Tokyo all that power, I still know how to make Tokyo feel very much important in my life. I recently came across Bethenny's YouTube page and saw a video of Bethenny giving Cookie these delightful treats and it was such the cutest thing to see Cookie eat a carrot and popcorn =). Also there's a video where Bethenny is pretending to be the voice of Cookie, telling all of YouTube land her diet regime after the holidays and how she plans to get back in shape. Hopefully I can find a video of my dog and I. I'm telling you,  Once you see us you will see the similarities Bethenny share in the unconditional love we give our pooches. =)