March 1, 2011

My Top 3 Colleges

I haven't shared that many of my personal thoughts with you all. It's best that I start to open up on my blog about something. It's me being honest to you and having a relationship where we can talk about any and everything. I am currently in Community College majoring in Communications: Public Relations. I would most likely work in PR within the Entertainment Business. Believe me Entertainment and PR IS MY LIFE!

This year was the year I was supposed to graduate with my High School graduating class of 07. Somethings happened after I graduated High School and decided to take some time off. I really then got upset when I didn't get accepted to some of the Universities I applied for. I remember I did get accepted to USC (University of Southern California), but my mother and I thought it wasn't a good time for me to go out to California. Then here comes my mother a college graduate with a master's degree, telling me to start off community college part time. I swear that was the worst advice I got from her in my whole life lol. I recommend if you are iffy about college to never start PART TIME. It slowed me down A LOT. Here I am rambling, but my reason for this post is to let you all know it's about that time I start thinking of Universities to transfer to when I am done my two years at my Community College.

The three colleges that have in mind now are USC (University of Southern California), Rutgers University, and UOA (University of Arizona). Two may seem far from home, but hey College is all about the thrill of a once in a lifetime experience you'll ever have when you're a young adult. Yeah, so those are my three picks, also I hear they are great Communication Major Schools. With Hope and Prayer I hope I get accepted to all three lol. Only decision is deciding, but if I have to the school I chose is..........