March 24, 2011

RunNJ.TV Web/BlogSite

I just wanted to share with you all one of my favorite web/blog-sites that I go on daily. It's basically to me New Jersey's website for all Entertainment, Sports, Nightlife, and etc. It's called "RUN NJ.TV". The blog is pretty dope. One day my blog will look like theirs soon lol. There's a lot you can do on there. My favorite thing to do on there is browsing through the pictures of past club parties =) you will see some funny and crazy ish! The blog overall is entertaining and informative for the young generation to maybe the old school heads. The blog is based for the people by the people; so take advantage and browse "Run NJ.TV" until you drop! You can visit the web/blog-site at the link provided below. Spread Word & Support!