March 28, 2011


Words cannot describe how stoked I am about the 4th installment of one of the greatest horror films ever. SCREAM 4 comes out April 15, 2011 and if you don't know me by now, I am a true horror film junky. Oh' not just any ol' horror movie the classic ones from the 90's that actually did put fear in my heart. I grew up watching each and every SCREAM movie and must I say I couldn't go to sleep with the lights off at night. SCREAM is one of the best horror films ever. Only because these incidents can actually happen in life. We do have crazy sick people who live to kill for their enjoyment. I'm happy the original characters are back this time around for the masked crusader killing spree production. Neve Campbell who plays Sidney Prescott is one of the dopest actresses to bless a horror movie. I'm just lost of words right now, wait till the movie comes out and I'll have a lot to say =). Until then i'm going to just enjoy the previews.