March 8, 2011

Tasty Tuesday: Kelly Killoren Bensimon's "Blueberry Banana Hearty Fruit Shake"

Hello my fellow blog viewers and friends, today is Tasty Tuesday. The day where I get to post some amazing dishes and recipes from all over. Today I decided to do a visual recipe; something easy to follow step by step. Tasty Tuesday presents Kelly Killoren Bensimon's Blueberry Banana Hearty Fruit Shake.

You guys should be familiar with Kelly Bensimon, I talked about her in one of my previous blog posts where she hosted a float for New York City's Gay Pride Event. If you haven't seen the blog post then let me catch you up. Kelly Bensimon is a world renaud model mother of two and former co-star of BRAVO's hit reality TV show franchise The Real Housewives of New York.

I am always inspired by the YouTube videos Kelly Bensimon puts out. They widely talk about a lot of things such as; exercise, charity work, her home life, great recipes, wardrobing and getting a birds eye view of what Kelly does when the cameras are off. Kelly recently uploaded a short quick video on her favorite morning breakfast fruit shake. The blueberry banana yogurt concoction looks so yummy, I just had to make it my Tasty Tuesday delight.

You can easily get the recipe to Kelly's wonderful hearty shake after the jump. Remember to also subscribe to Kelly Killoren Bensimon's YouTube channel, follow her on Twitter for more fun video updates and The Real Housewives of New York promos.