March 11, 2011

Throwback Friday - Notorious BIG feat. 112 "Sky's The Limit"

TGIF!!! This week has been such a crazy rush and I'm glad to finally relax. To end the week, I decided for Throwback Friday i'm going to choose a Notorious BIG/Biggie Smalls song. March 9th marked the anniversary of his death back in 1997. I mean if you don't know who BIGGIE was then your knowledge about Rap/Hip Hop music is a zero. Biggie's life was cut short due to a east coast/west coast fued that got out of hand. There's a movie on him if you're not familiar with the rapper. He was one of the best top lyricist of the mid 90's until his death. His music is still played everywhere, although we will never forget the legend who blessed us with lyrical flows.

I chose the song "Sky's The Limit" mainly because the song has such a powerful impact on life. It's a song about never giving up and looking up to greater things in life. This is one of my favorite BIG songs ever. I also love the R&B group 112 on the track. I love how the four guys mixed blended their voices together to create one powerful soulful group. The music video is one of thee' best music videos of ALL TIME! It's so cute and funny seeing little kids pretend to be BIG, Diddy, Lil' Kim, 112 and many more...

R.I.P Biggie We Love You