April 18, 2011


Last week Tuesday, I took a rainy trip out to NYC to visit the Kardashian's 3rd chain boutique DASH. I was so shocked that I was actually standing in front of their store. I nearly almost walked past the store if I hadn't looked at the store signs. The DASH experience is way different than what you see on T.V.

The outside of DASH looks so sleek and couture. DASH is located in the Soho area of New York City. It's not that hard to get to coming from Port Authority or Penn Station. You would take one train and walk a light two blocks. You can't miss the store because of the sign right in front of your face. Also, the store front has these two amazing gold metallic mannequins to give it the New York fashion vibe. The door is easy to open, you will not have to ring any bells. 
The inside is so quiet and smells so nice. The lighting is very good. The store makes you feel like you're in your own home just browsing through your closet. As I walked in however, there were a group of young fans who browsed the store who were taking a picture with one of the body/security guards. After they left, It was just myself and DASH. I was the only one there by that time now. I kind of felt very intimidated because of the two big bodyguards. The store is much smaller than how it looks on T.V. In the middle of the floor set was tables that had all sorts of t-shirts and shorts for the season now (Spring). They layout was well done. Besides the two bodyguards, there was a DASH employee, who didn't quite greet me until I said something to her; although she was nice when I approached her, she could've greeted me when I entered the store. 

I actually was in the store for a class project that I had to do. Along with my project, I wanted to take some snapshots. Seeing the two security guards, I thought twice about even wanting to take pictures of the clothing, displays and fitting rooms. The displays were my favorite. On the left side from the ceiling dropped a rack piped display which dresses, shirts, coats, pants and skirts were hung on a hanger. It lead all the way towards the back to where the fitting rooms started. As I stated before, the middle of the floor was set up by the tables  of clothing of what was in season. On the right side was the cashier desk and shelves which held DASH t-shirts, Kardashian Konfidential Book, DASH Candles, Khloe' & Lamar Unbreakable fragrance, Kim Kardashian fragrance, QuickTrim products and other goodies. Over in the back in front of the fitting room was a lounge area with a nice coffee table, couch and love seat to relax on while others shopped. In appearance the store gets an overall A. However, I did ask the guards if I can take a picture of this one particular part of the store and he gave me permission. So this is what I captured: 
(Left To Right : Kourtney, Kimberly and Khloe Kardashian.) 

I browsed through some of the items and shall I say the items are reasonable costly prices. There were some items that I felt the price was just too outrageous and others I could agree on. I mean its a high end boutique store. These girls gotta make their money somehow right? lol. Just so you won't break a hole through your pockets, there are items that are lower than $100 bucks. Also, there is a sale rack. Everything there is best name brand quality from designers all over. The girls usually shop from the clothes they like something that is similar to their style. It's a womens boutique so no male apparel yet, though I'm waiting =). Once you buy something from DASH I can guarantee you will not be upset on your choice. They sell pretty fine jewelry for everyone's liking. The items there are beautiful and they make great gifts for others. 

I wasn't in the store that long, but I couldn't leave DASH without at least buying something. As a souvenir, I purchased their signature DASH Water Bottle. The water bottle's price was $10, but it was worth each and every dollar. I didn't drink it, like I said I'm using it as a souvenir. The water bottle's design is so cute. The liquid illusion/glare inside the water shows a picture of the girls. Hard to explain, you'll just have to check it out yourself lol. 

Also, along with the water bottle, I got the big DASH shopping bag. Of course I didn't need it, but hey why not leave with another souvenir. I simply enjoyed spending my rainy NYC morning at the Kardashian's phenomenal boutique DASH. It was a dream come true yet an honor to even have the privilege to stepping foot into a world renaud celebrity's store. That won't be my first visit to DASH, there will be plenty more visits. Hopefully, the girls are there when I visit next time. If you haven't visited DASH yet then what are you waiting for?! Mother's Day is right around the corner, go and grab your mom/grandmas something classy and couture. 
 DASH NYC is located: 
119 Spring St.
Soho, New York City
Follow DASH on Twitter: @DASHNYC
FaceBook: DASH NYC