April 4, 2011

Fashion: Absol Designs

 I'm here to introduce you to some new dope fashion. This dope line of graphic shirts and crewneck sweatshirts is called "Absol Designs". I came across their website off of one of my favorite blogs [www.runnj.tv]. Let me just start out by saying the guy who owns this line is incredibly SICK and CREATIVE. I don't know if I told you, but right now I'm heavily into crewneck sweatshirts. I rarely like graphic t-shirts, but when I do search for one there are ones that really don't catch my attention. This is why i'm in groupie mode over Absol Designs. Absol Designs is created by Altaron Brown of New York and New Jersey, he is a graduate of The Art Institute of NYC and a former MTV Intern.

The designs are pretty nice and once you see some of the clothes you'll immediately have to buy you a shirt or two. The best part about this clothing line is that the sweatshirts are unisex! A fit for everyone guy or gal. I think I found my fashion gear for the summer. I don't care how HOT it gets for a crewneck sweatshirt thats how HOT these designs are. These designs give me the feeling of being authentic and vintage. It's like the 80's meets the future. I don't know what goes on in the head of Mr. Altaron Brown, but whatever he is thinking and doing then he better not STOP!.If you don't believe me check the pictures after the jump.

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Apparel Is Very Affordable, So Come On What You Waiting For?
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