April 13, 2011

I'm Auditioning For "The X-Factor"

I've been keeping this under wraps for a good minute. About two months ago I just signed up to receive updates about a new talent competition coming our way very soon. The talent competition is called "The X-Factor" basically "The X-Factor" is a talent competition between solo and group singers. The winner or winners of the competition, will get a 5 million dollar recording contract. This is much like American Idol but the process is a bit different. I don't know how different it will be, but with lady luck on my side, we'll soon begin to see. The show is created by no other than talent competition founding father Simon Cowell, who also created "American Idol", "Britain's Got Talent" and also "Pop Idol".  These are all three outstanding shows and have plenty seasons hit after hit. Although, "The X-Factor" was birthed in the United Kingdom, Simon Cowell, thought it was time to look for the person with "The X-Factor" in The United States. 

That was just a little preview of what you can expect on "The X-Factor" when it debuts this fall in the US. My audition is going to be held at the Prudential Arena, April 14th in Newark, New Jersey. I am glad to say I am going with one of my best friends. I thank GOD for Allie lol! I'm going to try to take pictures and video footage. Everyone wish me luck =). I'll make you proud!

PS. after countless weeks on "The X-Factor", Cher Lloyd got voted off, but then hip hop recording superstar Jay-Z signed the 16 year old to his label "Roc Nation". Be sure to look out for Cher Lloyd's music coming to a speaker near you =).