April 11, 2011

Need To Catch Up?

Do you feel you can't keep up with my blog and I? Well, here is  list of previous blog posts from last week that you may have missed. Some days I blog a lot and some days I try to slow up a big for those who have busy schedules and tend to read one blog posts a day. I'm considerate of others =). Without further adu, here are the missed blog posts. Thanks for keeping up lol. 

Spring Time Fashion - What are some of the hottest Spring trends that is out now? 

Beyonce "Move Your Body"  - Beyonce Knowles and The First Lady Michelle Obama team up for Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" Campaign in order to stop obesity throughout the nation.

James Blunt "You're Beautiful"  - Throwback Friday music video

Kourtney Kardashian Fastest Speed Greet - Kourtney Kardashian  video chats with one person from each of the 52 states. 

Charlie Sheen Winning On Ustream  - Look at the crazy photos I took of Charlie Sheen when he went live on USTREAM. 

Wishful Wednesday  - The middle of the week where you can make any wish you want and share it. 

R.I.P Dariel Pulliam - Notable celebrity hairstylist passes away at a young beautiful age. 

Khloe and Lamar  - The couples new show premieres on E! April 10th at 10PM.

Tasty Tuesday "Golden Pound Cake" - Tasty Tuesday's meal of the week. 

Make Sure You Catch Up!!! Thank You =)