May 10, 2011

All The Lights, Short Film

The other day, I came across my friend Ryan's FaceBook page and saw a link to a YouTube video. Being the nosey person I am, I clicked the link and there was a short film entitled All The Lights, Short Film. The video is made by his two friends Joel Painson and Jarred McGriee, based on a skit about a guy having a seizure every time when see he sees flashing lights.  The video however is not set out to make fun of those who suffer from seizures. This video was however to make fun of the Kanye West drama where people found his video for All of the Lights causing some people to have seizures and what not.I enjoyed the video it was brilliantly done well. I laughed throughout the whole video. It was DOPE.COM! I don't want to give the whole video away, you'll just have to watch yourself. Take A Look: