May 23, 2011

Beyonce's "4" Album Sound...

All I have to say is NOW I UNDERSTAND. I'm understanding where Beyonce is going with her new sound and her new music. Her recent single "Run The World (Girls)" is up and down on the iTunes chart but a hit on the radio waves. I wasn't too fond of the song but it grew on me. I didn't know where Beyonce was going at all with her new material and image at all. Once I kept hearing of talk about "Revolution" and a song about "Women Empowerment", it then clicked it my head; Beyonce was growing up as an artist. 

A lot of people have been giving very negative feedback on "Run The World (Girls)" and I couldn't understand why. I guess everyone was expecting Beyonce to sound as she did with her previous albums or go in the same direction as "I Am...Sasha Fierce". As I look back at interviews where Beyonce credits many countless legends are her muse but the two very touching to her are Tina Turner and Michael Jackson, I've come to realize in those two legends career they evolved in ways everyone accepted and enjoyed. Then the pieces finally came together in my mind, once a leaked record that is allegedly supposed to be Beyonce's 2nd single "Till The End of Time" was shopped around the internet waves and I completely almost teared hearing the song. The sound of "Till The End of Time" sounded so much sweet and incredible. I understood what evolving meant as an entertainer.

What I am trying to say is that I feel Beyonce's new "4" sound is a mixture of Michael Jackson's "History" and Janet Jackson's "Velvet Rope" era. The whole talk about Revolution, Women Empowerment, and hew new image it all leads up to the two most influential entertainers; Michael and Janet Jackson. If you haven't heard both albums then I suggest you get it together and start to buying on iTunes. Well, I can't 100% predict this is the move she's going for, we can only wait until the album comes out which is JUNE 28th! SAVE THE DATE June 28th, 2011 "4"! =) What do you think? I'm staying heavy on my opinion, I'm proud to say I love the new direction Beyonce is taking with her career.