May 16, 2011

Britany's Dougalss College Graduation 2011

Rutgers University's Douglass campus had a separate graduation for those who stayed on the campus the whole school year. It was mostly girls, but my BFF was one of those college grads who stayed on Douglass campusBritany's family and I attended the early grey skied ceremony in all cheerful and happiness for Britany. The ceremony was beautiful and done with class. It was so exciting to hear my BFF's name get called across the stage and I yelled non stop cheering her on. We then went to eat at a Chinese Buffet restaurant and the day couldn't get any funnier. I LOVE YOU Britany, thanks for inviting me to your special day! I took some pictures of her family and with Britany. Enjoy =) PS. Thanks To Bessy(Kiyesha) for bringing some Gummy Bears to hold me down throughout the ceremony. Gummy Bears are my favorite =)