May 2, 2011

Building An Empire

I'm just waiting for these twins to come out with a book on how they got to their status of TODAY! 
Many of us know these two girls as Michelle Tanner off of the hit family comedy series "Full House", but to themselves they are Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. These are two American actresses who built an empire since the age of  6months. At the current age of 24, the duo are worth an estimate of $100 million dollars. Can somebody say WOW! Just at the age of 24. I'm 22 years of age and I do not even own a "WORTH" next to my domain.

It started all from Full House to having The Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley TV Series, tv movies, on screen appearances, endorsements, in store clothing line, Two of a Kind TV Show, So Little Time TV Show, theatrical films, dolls, accessories and to top it off their ongoing successful vintage chic clothing line entitled Elizabeth & James. I mean they started all of this since they were babies.

I truly look up to these girls as entrepreneurs and an inspiration to others who are trying build a brand out of their talent. I to someday hope I can at least see my net worth being $100 million dollars. It doesn't come easy though I know that much. I just need a how-to-do-it guide from the girls and then i'm on my way lol.

What do you think about the success of the Olsen Twins? Do you to wish to have a successful career like them? Would you consider them role models? Do you think they cheated their way to have their royals? Let me know.