May 10, 2011

Introducing: DJ Nakeem

It seems like all i'm cool with are DJ's & Rappers; well thats because we have  something in common and thats the love for music. I mean you can't but be cool with the DJ's, they play our favorite songs at clubs, parties, lounges and etc. I know this one DJ who is making moves all over northern New Jersey. He goes by the name of DJ Nakeem. I haven't been to one of his parties where he DJ's at but I hear his music mixes on mix cd's and on videos off of YouTube. I gotta say this young kid is pretty dope!

DJ Nakeem, is expanding his brand by creating "@DJ_Nakeem" t-shirts and selling them to his most loyal supporters and fans. The shirts aren't on sale yet, but he did mention to me he'll be giving some free ones out to the people that come to the places where he DJ's at so be the first to get your free @DJ_Nakeem shirt!
Take a look at the t-shirt after the jump.

Dope Right?! Then be a supporter and go out and get your t-shirt, mixtape and all good stuff done by DJ Nakeem. For more information about shirts, parties, mixtapes and etc. You can hit up DJ Nakeem himself at the following: 
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