May 16, 2011

Rutgers University Commencement C/O 2011

Yesterday was the big day. It was a big day for all the seniors at Rutgers University who were graduating that day. I attended my first college graduation ever and it happened to be my BFF's graduation. Britany graduated Rutgers University in the misty rain with honors =). A lot of her family and myself showed support with love that was out of this world. The two hour ceremony went by quick if you ask me. I teared before Britany even sat in her seat. The musical performance of the Alma Mater performed by Rutgers University Glee Club was hilariously cute.There was also a brilliant given speech by American Author and Writer Toni Morrison; It was such an emotional day for everyone. 

Graduating college is a once in a lifetime event for ones memory and life. Not everyone can graduate college due to personal reasons or they don't have the fundings for it. That's why a college graduation is very important to people throughout the world. It takes hard work and dedication to graduate college on time. Britany transferred schools after her sophomore year of college and still graduated on time with honors. Her major is Criminal Justice with a minor of Political Science.  Congrats to all the graduates of Rutgers University; Undergrad and Graduate, I wish you the best of luck on your future endeavors.