May 26, 2011

Trying Different Facial Products

Lately, I've been playing around trying new facial and shaving products to see what actually works and what doesn't. When I was younger, I used to use Clearasil for acne and a fresh looking face. I then started to move over to Aveeno products and I find the lotion is very thick for my skin, it was like I had an extra piece of clothing material on me lol. The shaving products for Aveeno are pretty good though, shaves smoothly. Now, I'm on Neutrogena and it's about to be my first week using the products such as; Face Scrub, Post Shave Lotion, and Shave Cream. I'm trying not to use all of the products at once on my one face, because I want to see how the stuff works. So far, so good when washing, but it's only been a week so I have to see another week. I suffer from really bad oily shiny skin and i'm deeply trying to change this effect now especially during the summer. Do you suggest any products? What do you use to clean your face? What shaving products are you well into?