May 25, 2011

Wishful Wednesday...Goodbye

I've been thinking about this for a minute now and I think i'm going to have Wishful Wednesday come to an end. I have another great idea for Wednesdays. I figured having a wish every Wednesday, was a bit cheesy and corny. I mean you can wish but so many. We don't want to be known as greedy wishers. Hey! we are already known as "Spoiled Americans". Don't worry though, I have a fun idea taking place next week. You won't be bored with this one. I didn't want to leave Wishful Wednesday on a bad note, above is a picture of a quote I recently heard at my best friends' college graduation. It's a quote from the famous Mahatma Ghandi, this man is incredible with his words and wise metaphors. Take the time out to read the quote above and see how you can make your wish come true. How do you plan on making it happen?