June 27, 2011

Beyonce '4' In Stores Tomorrow

Well folks, we've come to nearly the end of the road. Beyonce's forthcoming album '4' is available for purchase tomorrow. Seems like it's been forever hasn't it? Well if you didn't pre-order your copy it's never too late and or also you can just pick up your hard copy tomorrow anywhere where records are sold. After hearing the whole album on Beyonce's website, I must say every song is beautifully written and sang. The songs on this album are untouchable. You will love this piece of work Beyonce has created. Its fact that you will not skip a song, it will just play right through. This album reminds me of Dangerously In Love album, but with a kick of new school feel. There's a lot of slow ballads with uptempo tunes, but in reality it will have you jamming. I love Beyonce and I thank her for going 14 strong years blessing us with the gift of her voice and creativity. "Thank You Bey, You Are My Muse And One Day I Hope To Meet You So I Can Fully Feel Your Embrace. I Love You." - LaTroy Watson. Everyone please go pick up the album, not just 1 copy but 3 or 5. Like I said before each member in the household should purchase at least 2 or 3. Thank You!!! lol. 
June 28th BABY!!!!