June 28, 2011

Beyonce's '4' Album In Stores Now!!!

Beyonce's long awaited album '4' is finally out in stores now!!!! I woke up early this morning to go out and get the album at TARGET where only the deluxe version is sold. This album is so worth the cost and wait. I'm never disappointed in Beyonce. I would like all of you to get the album digitally on iTunes, Amazon or you can buy the hard copy anywhere records are sold; but preferably TARGET. Go the extra mile and pick up the deluxe. I also recorded my journey on getting the album even did some promoting lol. I was amazed at how TARGET was nice enough to set up Beyonce's new release display. Check the pictures after the jump and go out and get '4'!!!! 

Purchase The Album At The Following: 
Website: Beyonce Online
iTunes: Beyonce '4'
Amazon: Beyonce '4'