June 6, 2011

Chrystian Sings Tamia's "Officially Missing You"

WOW, this guy has came a long way and he's still grinding hard on his journey to becoming the world's greatest entertainer. I haven't fully met Chrystian, but I remember seeing him perform on BET's 106 and Park's "Wild Out Wednesday" competition. He performed an up-tempo song that was so hot!!! This 19yr old well, at the time he had to be 16, but he can dance and sing his ASS off! After seeing him deliver on the stage, I knew he was going to be something big. Don't compare him to Chris Brown or any other r&b artist out there, Chrystian has his own swag and his voice is remarkably beautiful; never heard before ANYWHERE! 

The Columbus,Ohio native recently did sat down with one of his producers and did an acoustic version of Tamia's hit song "Officially Missing You" on YouTube. This is one of my favorite songs from Tamia and I believed he nailed the song note to note exactly how Tamia sung it. But in his own way as if he came up with the song. I loved this video and I think you will enjoy it. Check the video after the jump.

What Did You Think Of The Video? His Voice? The Swag? The 106 And Park Video? Lol, He's Dope Right?! Show Your Love And Support! Well you can keep up with Chrystian via the following:
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