June 23, 2011

Countdown To Beyonce's '4'

Beyonce fans and those who aren't this countdown is for YOU. Beyonce is giving us all a special treat up until the release of her forthcoming album '4'. A song off of the album will be released everyday until the release of the album on June 28th. Well, since i'm a little late with this post, there are 7 songs already unlocked and the 8th song will be released today at noon. I have to say this '4' album will be a remarkable lifetime favorite of mine. The sound sounds so rich, new, soulful and just too damn good to not even purchase digitally or hard in hand. So far my favorite song has been "I Miss You". I can't stop listening to the song; I feel like emotionally and through experience I relate to the song. You can be apart of the countdown everyday by logging onto Beyonce's website "Beyonce Online" <------ Click The Link. And rock out to the lovely and talented Beyonce. Let me know what you think of the songs so far.