June 22, 2011

A Day At The Shore

Monday, my friend Diane and I decided to take a personal day off from work and school and hit the beach and catch up. It was good for me because I haven't been to the shore/beach in about two years (Cray Cray) Right?! Well, we visited Pt. Pleasant Beach somewhere in South Jersey. We hit up this place on the boardwalk called "Tiki Bar" and Diane ordered 2 LIT's (Long Island Iced-Tea)1 shot of Patron and 1 Corona. I mean she didn't intake all by herself; I helped too; we are in no way shape or form alcoholics THANK YOU.  Not only were we there for fun, but we talked about some deep stuff in our lives. I really opened up to Diane and vice-versa about a lot of personal information. Diane is such an amazing friend, funny, beautiful and so REAL! What can I say I LOVE THE BITCH! Facetiously speaking lol. Not only did we have drinks, the best part of our day was looking at all the cute guys with banging bodies!!! I'm def going back! Of course, I took some pics. Check after the jump. PS. I Look A Mess *Don't Judge* 

Thanks Diane, I Love You. Let's Do This Often.