June 27, 2011

Fashion: Color Blocking Summer 11'

This summer has been pretty interesting so far. A lot of celebrities have stepped up their fashion in such a big way this summer. Not only is it the celebrities, but the designers are re-introducing us with the fad from the late 70s and 80s. This phenomenal fad is called Color Blocking. It's when you take bold bright or dark colors and mix them with other bold bright/dark colors to give you a pop out illusion that blocks out each color you're wearing as if it was a boxing match for the colors. I decided to try this Color Blocking fad to see how I would look. Fashion is a daring piece of art work. You either have to get lost in the dirt or be in the known. I rather take a risk and be scene rocking these bold bright colors. Have anyone started the trend? Do you like Color Blocking?