June 14, 2011

Guys: What Is Your Ideal Type?

Alright guys, I am an inquisitive person and a big NOSEY one at that. Nowadays, it seems like you guys just fall for anything that walks and has a vagina! I'm sorry but I've noticed it more than one time. It's not your fault; maybe. Well, what i'm trying to narrow down is that some of you guys act like yall don't have types. Do you just talk to anything walking? I want to know what's your ideal type? In a woman that is. If you are dating someone now, is she what your ideal type is? Is there anything she can change about herself to make her your ideal type? If you are not in a relationship, what kind of woman are you looking for? What attributes, skills personality, establishment must she have? Is race/skin complexion a big thing? Let me know guys. Let's get serious here, this is only between us, I WON'T TELL THE FEMALES!