June 30, 2011

The Many Styles Of Yami PLANKING

The other day I posted my friend Yami following the #PLANKING movement where her first PLANK was on top of a pot lol. I promised you all, if she did other PLANKS I would be more than likely to share them with you. Well, little to my knowledge, Yami must've did a total of eleven PLANK positions that same day. Each one of them were still creative and it looks painful in some lol. I don't know where Yami thought of these ideas, but that girl has one sick mind lol. Look after the jump to see the rest of Yami and her #PLANKING
Yami Planking On A Rail
Yami Planking On What Seems To Be A Fire Escape

Yami Planking On A Mailbox
Yami Planking On A Fence
Yami Planking On A Fireplace
Yami Planking On A Fire Hydrant
Yami Planking Half-Way
Yami Planking On Monkey Bars
Yami Planking On A Ladder