June 7, 2011

My Promise To Beyonce.

Recently, Beyonce's songs for her forthcoming album "4" have been trying to get leaked before its release date of June 28th. There have been singles that were posted on YouTube,FaceBook,Tumblr, and the Blogs but immediately taken down. Then there was the sneaky ones who found a way to save the song under another name so no one would find out. Well, it was written all over the internet that her whole album leaked along with a song called "Party" featuring Andre 3000. As anxious as I am to hear the album, I have to say respectfully I will not download or listen to any other tracks until the album is released on June 28th. I don't know if she will push the album up or not, but if she pushes the album up I will be gladly to purchase the album at that date.
I find it disgusting how someone just leaks peoples albums just to be so hunger and thirsty for the artist's music. There's a time and place for everything and there is a reason why Beyonce had her release date set for June 28th, 2011. Those who download the album, I say if you are a real fan of her's don't illegally download the album, I mean there are those singles that we do download illegally but I tend to buy the singles on iTunes and then buy the album as a whole at Target (all the time). It's not right to cheat her out of her money. I'm not going to get into all of the illegal downloading issues, that's another story. What I will say is...let's all be patient and wait for the album to come out. I know Beyonce is the greatest entertainer in our lifetime and years to come, but we can jam to the songs she is treating us with until the album comes out. I mean 3 singles have been released and we can pretty much rock out to those songs until the 28th. It's not that long. Let's not give the thieves any credit and wait until the album officially releases. I mean who knows if thats the actual finished copies of each song? Who knows Beyonce might pull a 1,2,3 and out of her 75 recorded songs for this project she might just choose a whole other 14 songs to replace. Thats my issue with leaked albums.

I'm very disappointed that her awaited anticipated album we've all been waiting for as she took her year off break is just completely ruined by GREED. From now on, I Promise Not To Listen To Any Of Beyonce's "4" Songs Unless She Has Released Some As Singles Until The Album Comes Out Officially June 28th. I Can Wait, I Am Patient So Should You =). 


LaTroy Watson