June 22, 2011

New Music: Y.L. "The Graduate" Mixtape Hosted By DJ Grady

I just want to introduce you all to this dope ASS rapper from the DMV, mainly from Virginia named Y.L. It's crazy how I even got to know this guy. I received an email from Twitter reporting I had a new follower by the name of @DaRealYL, I got extra souped because I thought it was the rapper who sung "Racks on Racks on Racks" lol. Then I remembered that rapper's name was Y.C. I didn't pay any mind to it and was like oh' okay just probably another rapper like everyone else trying to make it big. Then I saw he was tweeting a mixtape he just released. I tweeted back and asked where could I listen to his music or if he had a YouTube page. Y.L. replied back and gave me a link to his mixtape that was downloadable for FREE

I downloaded the album and for an hour, I found myself jamming to this incredible piece of art. It's rare that I randomly listen to an up and coming rapper's mixtape so I was actually shocked at myself last night. This kid really has got his own sound and you can hear in his voice he has his own SWAG. I recommend you download his mixtape. I was jamming to every song on my iTunes. I just hope he starts having shows over here in the Tri-State area so I can see him perform live; preferably JERSEY!!! lol. Y.L. has my support and I've become a fan. I will post the download link below along with the Mixtape Tracklist. I don't even know this kid and I'm proud of him lol. Ladies I think he's single too lol. 

IconMixtape Track

  • 1.Intro
  • 2.Dreaminn
  • 3.I Know
  • 4.Cant Do
  • 5.Jane Doe
  • 6.Don't Love Me
  • 7.Things I Didn't Say
  • 8.Real Recognize Real ft. Sheed Luciano
  • 9.SideShot
  • 10.Badd Love
  • 11.Up In Smoke ft. Kidmusiq
  • 12.Been Around
  • 13.Erything
  • 14.Got Over Me
  • 15.Last Shot
  • 16.Morgan Dexter
  • 17.Soul To Take
  • 18.I Love You

You Can Keep Up With Y.L. & His Music Via The Following: 
Twitter: @DaRealYL
YouTube: The Real YL