June 6, 2011

Pre-Order "4" By Beyonce

Beyonce's highly anticipated forthcoming album 4 is now available to pre-order on iTunes and Amazon. The album includes the smash hits "Run The World (Girls)", "1+1", "End of Time" and her latest single "Best Thing I Never Had". The album features 12 new tracks which all of them brought a new sound to Beyonce. The album delivers your upbeat girl rocking anthems to your love ballad moments. Beyonce raised the bar on this album, she took the album into her hands by herself without her father being her manager anymore. You've seen the video to "Run The World (Girls)", you seen the performances on Oprah and The Billboard Awards, backstage dressing room rehearsal of "1+1", now it's your turn to deliver back by buying the album on June 28th. You can pre-order your copy now. When you pre-order now you automatically get the track "1+1" available to you as a treat. It's best to pre-order it now, who knows being the successful on top celebrity she is, her album might sell out in seconds. That's how great Beyonce is =). Take a look at the track listing after the jump. There is some special news inside too! 

Not only is the album coming out June 28th, there will also be a deluxe edition of the album. How exciting is that!? More Beyonce songs to rock out to. The deluxe edition will be in a two disc package just like I Am...Sasha Fierce, with 3 new original songs and 3 remixed songs to "Run The World (Girls)". Go out and get that album anywhere records are sold legitimately! Support our Queen Bey and let's make her go number 1 this year. Beyonce raised the bar, now its our turn to keep the bar high by buying 4, requesting her songs on the radio, voting for her songs on video countdowns, buying the singles more than once if you have to. GO OUT AND GET YOUR 4 COPY!

Disc 1
01. 1+1
02. I Care
03. I Miss You
04. Best Thing I Never Had
05. Party (feat. André 3000)
06. Rather Die Young
07. Start Over
08. Love On Top
09. Countdown
‎10. End Of Time
11. I Was Here
12. Run The World (Girls)
Disc 2
01. Lay Up Under Me
02. Schoolin ‘Life
03. Dance For You
04. Run The World (Girls) [Kaskade Club Remix]
05. Run The World (Girls) [Red Top Club Remix]
06. Run The World (Girls) [Jochen Simms Club Remix]
Pre-Order 4 On iTunes: Beyonce 4
Pre-Order 4 On Amazon: Beyonce 4