June 2, 2011

The Skorpion Show: Steph Jones Interview

If you love celebrity video blogging then you will absolutely love these two guys who hail from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They go by the name Kevin and Makael. They are two YouTube video bloggers who formed the hit YouTube show titled The Skorpion Show, are all about the entertainment industry, news and more. They are very popular and are friendly socialites with some of your favorite celebrities. They have over 57,000 subscribers and 50 million views. The Skorpion Show has became one of the most entertaining shows to watch. I'm such a big fan of the show and I got extra excited when Kevin and Makael interviewed my celebrity crush Steph Jones this past weekend. 

If you know me then, you know I am a hardcore Steph Jones fan and has been feeling for him ever since I saw him get interviewed by fellow video blogger B.Scott. I swear, Steph Jones and I are going to date one of these days lol. Steph Jones is a model, actor, singer and dancer. This guy does it all believe it or not. I haven't gone around to see the interview yet, but I wanted to share it with you all to get familiar with Kevin and Makael and also get to know who STEPH JONES really is as a person and artist. I can't wait to sit and watch it, I probably will watch this video 3x out of the day lol. I don't want to keep writing so the interview will be posted after the jump. Enjoy! 

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