June 29, 2011

so over the MARVIN'S ROOM remixes!

OKAY! enough is enough already. Aren't you sick and tired of the "Marvin's Room Remixes" that's been buzzing the internet and radio scenes? I know I am. I just have to say this, there can only be two versions of the song originally recorded by DRAKE. The two versions are a guy's point of view and a girl's response. There are six official celebrity remakes that are out i'm aware of; Drake, JoJo, Teyana Taylor, Romeo, Sammie and Chris Brown. I've heard only the first four and then yesterday I heard Chris Brown's remix. I must say it's all beginning to sound repetitive of what Drake and JoJo are saying. There is nothing different or special about remixing a remix. Like I said, there can only be two versions and that's a guy's point of view and a girl's response. 

Therefore, we have out two versions Drake and JoJo. Not bashing the rest of the artists who hopped on the song, I just feel enough is enough, the song basically talks about one thing and from it you can't branch onto different topics. This song is just going to stay the same lol. I wonder if everyone else is on the same page with me. I'm not going to give my opinion on each song, but I will say out of all the mixes, the only one I prefer to listen to is Drake and JoJo's but I'll listen to JoJo's version first if anything. If you didn't hear all of the versions to "Marvin's Room" continue after the jump and you can listen to them there. Let me know how you feel?