June 3, 2011

Throwback Friday- Kenny G "We've Saved The Best For Last"

If you don't know about this musician then you must not know music at all. Kenny G is one of the most talented musicians of all time. He's known for his melodic tunes played on his flute. Kenny G was at the top in the late 80s till the mid late 90s. This guy will always be huge in the music industry but I haven't heard anything from him in years. He does all types of music from soft rock, pop, r&b, soul to even jazz. This guy does it all. I remember first hearing Kenny G's music in the movie "The Bodyguard" that starred Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner. His soothing sounds on the flute can relax the meanest person on this earth. It's always a pleasure listening to the sounds of Kenny G. This is why I decided to make Kenny G's "We've Saved The Best For Last" as today's Throwback Friday. You might hear and see a big familiar famous face in the video and on the song. If you can guess who it is then your music knowledge is incredible. Enjoy your weekend and keep up on rocking!