June 7, 2011

VLADTV: Dailyn Santana and the Missing Passport

My friend and beautiful model Dailyn had this video on her FaceBook page and told me to check it out. I didn't even know the video was going to be of her acting. Dailyn plays this woman who loses her passport at an airport, speaks to the police officials and they are giving her a hard time. I mean it's incredible how well this girl can ACT! I thought modeling was just her resume' but my dear friend is TALENTED! I'm lost for words on how good this was. Can somebody put her on GOSSIP GIRL/GLEE/90210 PLEASE THANKS;*! Anyway, I want you all to watch Dailyn change into character and perform. I just loved it =). LOVE YOU DAI!!!! Shouts To VLADTV for putting the video on their site. Check the video out after the jump.

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