June 21, 2011

What Are Your 10 Commandments In A Relationship?

Many, many years ago in the year 1999, Destiny's Child released their sophomore album entitled "Writings On The Wall", an album with their commandments (do's and dont's) in relationships. Each song on the album was either a do or a don't. They gave us 14 commandments and it was either you agreed or disagreed. The album was pretty much an anthem for the ladies. If you brought the album and didn't hear the commandments and went straight towards your favorite tunes, here's what you missed: 

  • Commandment #1: Thou Shall Not Hate.
  • Commandment #2: Thou Shall Pay Bills.
  • Commandment #3: Thou Shall Confess.
  • Commandment #4: Thou Shall Not Bug.
  • Commandment #5: Thou Shall Not Give Into Temptation.

  • Commandment #6: Thou Shall Not Think You Got It Like That.
  • Commandment #7: Thou Shall Not Leave Me Wondering.
  • Commandment #8: Thou Shall Now When He’s Got To Go.
  •  Commandment #9: Thou Shall Move On To The Next.
  • Commandment #10: Thou Shall Get Your Party On.
  • Commandment #11: Thou Shall Say My Name.
  • Commandment #12: Thou Shall Know She Can’t Love You.
  • Commandment #13: If Thou Can Wait, Then Thou Shall Stay.
  •  Final Commandment: Thou Shall Cherish Life.

I just want to know, do these same commandments still stand in a relationship? Or have times really changed since 1999 and there have been different commandments to go by? This just doesn't have to be a girls question. Guys I want to know what are your 10 commandments in a relationship, Girls I want to know what are your 10 commandments in a relationship. Let me know what your thoughts based on Destiny's Child commandments and yours.