June 28, 2011

Yami Planking

I don't know what's up with this #Planking but ever since Sunday, it's become a world wide Trending Topic on Twitter. It's so funny because I guess planking is when you lay your body in a plank position on top of anything and I guess you have your plank lol. When I plank, I'm used to doing exercise moves; so this is weird for me. All over Twitter, there are people tweeting pictures of themselves or others planking. I seen some funny pictures, but my friend Yami, took the crown when she posted a picture of her planking on top of a POT! YES! A POT! LOL. Yami is crazy and you never know what's going on in that girl's head. How cute is her plank though? The best one I've ever seen lol. Yami, agreed with me to do more creative plank moves, so let's see what other planks she comes up with and I'll post it on my blog :-)
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