July 19, 2011

Classic Soundtrack: Return To Pride Rock - The Lion King 2 - Simba's Pride

Call me a geek or what have you, but i'm truly obsessed with mostly all Disney Original Soundtracks especially The Lion King Saga. I remember my first Disney Soundtrack was The Lion King and till this day, the CD is totally scratched up. I would play the album non-stop thinking I was apart of the movie. The follow up sequel to the movie The Lion King II Simba's Pride soundtrack was just was brilliant as the first one, possibly my favorite of them all. I don't know what it is that just captivates me into the music, I think I have a LOVE for African Rhythmic Sounds. The instruments used are so simple yet so beautiful. My favorite songs on the album are of course "He Lives In You", "We Are One", "Not One Of Us" and "Love Will Find A Way". If you've never heard the album, I suggest you take a listen. This is one incredible album.