July 25, 2011

How Do You Make Your Decisions?

We are all faced with a lot of decisions in our lives. Some may be good and some bad, but what makes these decisions turn out to be pros and cons? Why are decisions always difficult? Why couldn't we just have both sides of the decision making and we'd be happy, right? Well, sometimes in our lives we all handle decisions very well and some stress on it. But does the good always outweigh the bad? Can you turn a bad decision into a good one? Hmm, it all depends on the situation you may say. When decision making, do we rely on others to tell us what should we do? Do we go with our hearts? or Do we go with what's best for ourselves? This is me asking you how do you handle decision making? Whether it be school, work, relationship, independency, or etc. I have a huge decision I need to think about. I'm asking should I choose what's in my heart? or should I make the decision based on what will be best for me? Let me know.