July 28, 2011

Introducing: Eniyyah Purvis

I was forward this beautiful intelligent artist by two friends of mine. This young r&b/pop singer and dancer goes by the name of Eniyyah Purvis (remember it). I remember my friend posted a link of hers on Twitter and it linked to a YouTube video Eniyyah had recorded. It was a cover song to Lil' Wayne's "How To Love". I was so stunned at what I had just heard. This beautiful voice coming out from this soft shy spoken young lady was just what I needed to hear to start my day. I then began to browse through the rest of her YouTube videos and stumbled upon her cover of Leona Lewis's "Bleeding Love". When I say that song is such a hard song to take on, boy did Eniyyah nail it from every note to every key to every melody. I mean, she just stole my heart. It's very rare you find great talent such as Eniyyah. I'm more than sure she is going to be Jersey's next biggest star! For more information about Eniyyah, continue after the jump. 
"Super-producer Damar 'DUTCH' Beckett presents his newest artist, RnB/Pop Singer/Dancer, ENIYYAH. Discovered on Facebook in late March 2011, Eniyyah is being developed into RnB's "Next Big Thing." Eniyyah introduces herself to the world with her amazing remix to Lil Wayne's hit song "How To Love." Written by Jason "Enfamous" Gathright & Sharaan "Dirty Bird" Giles. Eniyyah shows off her sensual voice and wide vocal range. You can find Eniyyah on Twitter @EniyyahMusic FaceBook "Eniyyah Purvis" and www.YouTube.com/EniyahP."