July 18, 2011

Movie: Insidious

Hey everyone, I just wanted to tell you about a recent horror flick I just watched over the weekend. I usually don't get scared of scary movies, but this one movie scared the freaking daylights out of me and I was watching it during the early morning. The horror film "Insidious" was the movie I saw, which you all probably knew since the movie poster is posted above lol. It came out earlier this year and I recently ordered it OnDemand. Well, this movie is pretty SCARY!!! Although, it's fiction without a doubt in my mind, I never thought i'd be scared. This is one good movie too, some parts of the movie seem all over the place, but it gets right together towards the end of the movie. I don't want to give much about the movie, if you seen it you know what happens, if you didn't then I will post the trailer after the jump. I recommend you all see the movie :-)