July 12, 2011

My Blog Is Now Mobile!!!

Great News Everyone!!! My blog is now mobile! I forgot to mention it to you all, but I've made the announcement via Twitter and FaceBook. I know before it was kind of hard to view my website if you were on your mobile web, but now Blogger has made it easy for everyone to see pictures and scroll through. I mean it's very convenient for those who aren't always by a computer and are just constantly on their mobile webs. Now you can view my blog on your handheld without any problems. You can also comment faster than ever. If you have a smartphone or any phone that allows you to go on the web, please check out my blog and the mobile section. Let me know how you like it. I'm pretty sure you all will love it. I'm so happy!!!! Thanks to those who have been reading what I write, I would like it if you would tell a friend and they tell a friend :-).