July 13, 2011

ooVoo night w/ Brit!

I've stumbled upon these ooVoo pictures Britany and I took when we were web-caming one night. ooVoo is this web cam service where you can chat with friends via webcam. Brit and I are so silly we would make up ridiculous screen names for our account and just chat away about NOTHING! That's how silly we are. I think we were webcam chatting for hours because we were bored. We also invited our friend Desmond along for a 3-way chat. The fun never ends with Brit and I, especially if you're on webcam with us :-). I'm actually a Skype kind of kid, but ooVoo is alright if you want just a new display. How cute is my display name "Bad FaG Bitch!"? Check out the pictures after the jump.