July 19, 2011

Pre-Order "Here I Am" By Kelly Rowland

Whoa Lover! I'm so excited about Kelly Rowland's third studio album that's coming our way July 26th. Her recent single for the album "Motivation feat. Lil' Wayne" has been on top of the charts for months. Kelly Rowland's music and voice is always gifting. I love everything from her dance songs to slow jams. I sure will be getting the album and you should too. I mean, I'm a heavy Destiny's Child fan and I will continue to support each girl on their individual solo projects. I'm pretty sure you can preview the album on some websites such as Amazon and F.Y.E, but I've found a video on YouTube that has a preview of the album. If you're interested you can check after the jump for a quick listen :-). After listening to the preview myself, I'm pretty sure this will be my favorite Kelly Rowland album. Each song on the album is for everyone out there, there is a mix of all. Be sure to pick up "Here I Am" when it hits the nation July 26th

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Amazon: Here I Am
KellyRowland.ComHere I Am

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