July 25, 2011

R.I.P Amy Winehouse

This past weekend we've lost one of the world's biggest talented and beautiful music artist. Amy Winehouse, passed away this past Saturday, at her home in London. The reason for her death, was unknown at the time, but i'm pretty sure they have the details which I will not discuss on here. Amy Winehouse had major trouble during her career when she made it big with her hit song "Rehab" back in 2007.  It's sad that she has passed away, because to some or all, Amy Winehouse was a powerhouse inspiration. Her voice was unique, style incredible, those cat eyes were so dreaming, her svelte body everyone wish they had and her songs that touched everyone. Amy Winehouse, was a remarkable artist intelligently and giftedly. I'm happy she has got to share her stories with us through song, but I wish she could've told a lot more stories than she has.