July 28, 2011

South St. Sea Port, NYC

Yesterday, my family and I all took a quick trip to New York City's South St. Sea Port. If you aren't familiar with South St. Sea Port, it's this fabulous spot downtown where you can hang out on the pier, enjoy good food from restaurants, buy very creative clothing and jewelry or just view old ships that were used years and years ago. It's mostly a tourist attraction area, but you can never go wrong with spending time watching the harbor in good ol' NYC. I went with my grandmother, mother, uncle, aunt, cousin and little brother. We did some shopping on the strip first and then ate at the indoor mall food court. I can't tell you how crowded it was   but also how beautiful the lights lit up. 

There was also a concert going on, which featured George Clinton & Parliament. Tickets were $45 at the door, but beings that we were notified late of the concert we didn't make an attendance. South St. Sea Port will forever be one of my favorite NYC attractions to visit. I remember going when I was a little kid on school trips, but then we go to actually tour the ships and learn about them. If you ever have a day off or just a free weekend, I suggest you take a trip downtown and visit the historical site. The store fronts and restaurants are to die for! Easy way driving from anywhere but NY to get there is by taking the Holland Tunnel in Jersey City, New Jersey. That way you have a few blocks to go.