July 15, 2011

Throwback Friday - Angie Martinez, Lil Kim, Left Eye, Da Brat, & Missy Elliot - Ladies Night

Who remembers the 1997 video that gathered all the hottest on top female rappers for one big smash hit? Well, if you don't remember, then you must was born after 1997 lol. Hot 97 radio host Angie Martinez, Lil Kim, the late Lisa Left Eye Lopez, Da Brat and Missy Elliot teamed up for the ultimate rap collabo on a song that would become an anthem for women every Friday night. This jumping anthem is called "Ladies Night (Not Tonight)". Every verse on the song was brilliantly done with hella swag! The video was super crazy, exotic animals, lots of liquor, hot men, hot women in bikini's, jet ski's, and one hot sandy beach. I love and support each of these ladies, this was when female rap was at it's prime, I mean you haven't lived until you seen the video PointBlankPeriod! Check out the many cameo appearances and tell me if you can name all of them.