July 29, 2011

Throwback Friday: Zhane "Hey Mr. D.J."

One of my favorite RnB groups of the 90s were the two female duo Zhane (pronounced Jah-Nay). These two sisters had the 90s in the palm of their hand. I remember my mother purchasing their self titled album "Zhane" and she would play it all the time. Ever song on the album was just an instant hit. I miss the RnB 90 years. Music was so real back then and so live. Zhane however made you feel like you could jam anywhere listening to their album. My favorite song of theirs happens to be one of their smash hit singles "Hey Mr. D.J". I think it was the first song I've ever heard from them lol. I don't know what's up with the duo group now, but they need to make a comeback to the music scene asap! Luckily, there is a music video for the song. So today's Throwback Friday video is from Zhane with "Hey Mr. D.J."  If you don't have the album I suggest you download it on iTunes or purchase it on Amazon.