July 18, 2011

What's Your TV Schedule For The Week?

Okay everyone, I need your help! My TV schedule for the week is so empty. I need to start filling in PRIME TIME SLOTS! There's so much to watch and I just don't know what comes on. Usually, I'm a Reality TV show junkie, but i'm kind of tired of watching the same reality shows over and over. Throughout the Monday - Friday week there are only two days I really sit and watch my favorite shows. The only two days I look forward to are Monday and Wednesday nights. Can you believe out of five days there are only two days I really sit and watch TV? I keep my schedule very light and short, then I turn on a movie or something old like cartoons lol. I want to know what do you all watch on a weekly basis. Give me new enlightening shows I should catch up on. Especially during the evening please. After the jump I will list the shows I catch up on the only two days out of the week. If you know all the shows I can watch Prime Time, please feel free to comment and let me know :-)

So usually, all of the good shows come back in season during the fall, but being that it's summer, a lot of shows are filming and just showing re-runs. During the day I'm good, I know all the shows to catch up on during the morning through the afternoon. Most of the time though I'm in summer class, so I can't get to watch some of the Daytime Shows. It's a problem when I get home and feel like I have nothing to look forward to watching; then I get bored and usually nap my way through the entire night. So here's my TV Schedule rundown on the only two days out the week I told you about which are Monday's and Wednesday's:

Monday - Basketball Wives & Single Ladies both VH-1
Tuesday - Empty
Wednesday - The World According To Paris Hilton (Oxygen)
Thursday - Empty
Friday - Empty

You see how boring my TV life is? lol, so if you all can help me please can you? I need to fill in the rest of my slots. What good shows come on each day? It can be anything from Sitcom, Game Show, Reality or even a Documentary. Just help me!!!