August 23, 2011

: Break.Back.Break.SORRY!

No, I wasn't this busy (shown in the picture above). There has been a huge gap though on my blog. Last week, I pretty much was busy. Last Tuesday, I hit the Beyonce concert at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City, then that following Wednesday, I helped my best friend and her mom move into a new new home, that basically took the whole day, that Thursday I had a final exam and Friday I took that day to rest my body and mind. As you all know, I don't blog on the weekends unless it's something important lol. 

I just want to say  I know i'm famous for the frequent intervals of breaks and coming back lol. Thanks for sticking with me and don't worry, I'm not quitting the blogosphere NEVER! I love blogging and sharing what I like/know with you all. When I do take time away from my blog, it's either me thinking of new ways to get creative with my blog or I really have a line of events to attend to. Remember i'm still young, I have to have a life too lol. Thanks again for sticking with me through everything.