August 15, 2011

Does The Way Someone Dresses Determines Whether They Are Or Not Relationship Worthy?

A great topic came across my mind today and I just knew I had to take this to my blog. I want to know, does the way someone dresses (guy or girl) determine whether they are relationship worthy or not? Think about it before answering the question. As a matter of fact, read what happened today and then you can decide. It all started today in my history class...

Where a classmate of mine, I'm in college if you didn't know taking summer courses and this history class is a long lecture class. But anywho, a friend in the class and I were bbm'ing each other and he tells me about a girl in our class whom he would like to talk to but was always to shy to say something. As i'm telling him don't even try to talk to her, you have a girlfriend, he goes yeah me and my girl has been together for some years now, she's wifey and the other girl doesn't even look "WIFEY MATERIAL".  I then had to take 3 different looks at the message, like what did this boy just say! I then told him, why do you feel like she's not wifey material, I certainly think she is, the young lady is in college, very smart, intelligent, and gets good grades; I asked him how could he say that. Then my friend adds, it's because the way she dresses, she's always in leggings/tights. I then go on to say since when did clothing appearance make it questionable if someone is worthy to be girlfriend/boyfriend type. My friend went on to say she wears them all the time though, I can't disagree there though I really ended the conversation there, because I felt some type of way but I couldn't fully get mad because everyone has their own opinion.

I then took to Facebook updating my status and I wrote "A Note To Guys: The Way A Female Dresses Doesn't Determine Whether They Are Wifey Material Or Not. (Especially If They're Wearing Leggings)", I had about 3 likes to my status and some of my friends agreed and then disagreed, well it wasn't a huge debate, but it was a good topic of conversation. I mean both sides were very defensive and good, but in my opinion appearance shouldn't determine whether someone is relationship worthy. The most richest person can dress like a bum and still find love. How can a person let personality get in the way. The most educated and trustworthy person may not have money but only have 3 pairs of jeans and 2 shirts, that doesn't mean they can't be in a relationship. This is good topic. I want to know what's your take on this? How do you feel? Does The Way Someone Dresses Determines Whether They Are Or Not Relationship Worthy?