August 9, 2011

Does Your Favorite Celebs Follow You On Twitter?

I'm such a dork for this post, but I have to say celebrities on Twitter have been the best way to stay connected with them. I have replied to many of my favorite celebrities and some of them have replied back also giving me a follow. I'm so shocked because usually I wouldn't expect for a celebrity to follow me back. I would often tweet something to a friend and mention a celebrity in my tweet. Surprisingly, that celebrity who I tweeted will either reply back or follow me. I just wanted to give a shout out post to the four top celebrities who follow me on Twitter. The celebs starting in order are: 
Paris Hilton
Twitter: @ParisHilton
Syesha Mercado
Twitter: @Syesha
Aubrey O'Day
Twitter: @AubreyODay

Keyshia Cole
Twitter: @KeyshiaCole

Cool right?! I just want to say Thank You very much to those celebrities that decided to follow me :-). I HEART YOU! You didn't have to, but knowing you did puts a smile on my heart and my makes my Twitter extra cooler lol. I hope there will be many more celebrities that will reply back to me or follow me. Stay tuned, I will post the celebrities that did tweet me and those reality tv stars and porn stars who follow me back :-)!  Hey Also Follow Me On Twitter @LaTroyWatson! Hit Me With A Mention & I'll Follow Back!